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*simpsons hippy voice* This man does not represent us


scruitnous looks



Michael K. Williams as Shakespearean characters, Romeo, Hamlet, and Julius Caesar.


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C’mon aliens! Let’s get sickeniiiiiiiiiiiing!!

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Rowena Xi Kang for Rena Hang A/W 2014 by Nicolas Torres


Rowena Xi Kang for Rena Hang A/W 2014 by Nicolas Torres

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PLEASE REBLOG: Fighting Back Against An Abusive Stalker


Go Fund Me has investigated my stalker’s claim that this is a scam and I have provided evidence to their satisfaction that this fundraising is authentic.

My stalker’s claims to be the victim began shortly after I advised her her conduct was stalking and she developed this narrative of me being the stalker to discredit me and justify her further harassment.

I have the right to the best defence possible when faced with such deliberately malicious accusations. I’m sure I don’t need to detail the extra anguish her efforts to prevent me defending myself to the full ability I am able has caused me, especially as she is the one who has chosen to start this fallacious legal process based on false claims. This is yet more example of her harassment. I will further point out there is NOTHING stopping her, if she is so confident she is in the right, to similarly crowd source for support.

I can provide witnesses in the double digits to corroborate my experience as well as ample evidence.

I will also add that with the exception of one person all those who have donated thus far are people who WITNESSED this woman’s stalking and harassment of me AND some of them have ALSO been harassed by her.

I am obviously not going to name these people… They made their donations anonymous for a reason, because they fear retaliatory action from the stalker. One donator who did sign his name left a comment indicating he has witnessed this behaviour. The stalker has herself extensively documented her own campaign of harassment and stalking. It is easily accessible for any who wish to investigate. I will not engage directly with the stalker nor meet her terrorist demands. Further documentation of relevant costs she made necessary through filing this bogus claim will be provided as I receive them. And should any donations raised not be necessary? They will be refunded or donated to a women’s shelter, as per the donator’s preference.


Star Trek, Catspaw, 1967. 

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finally the no campaign gets a bit of traction


finally the no campaign gets a bit of traction

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pished in Laura Palmer blue

pished in Laura Palmer blue

there was a gorgeous English girl at the party with amazing skin and the most gorgeous catty eyes and she complimented me on my mad humidity hair it made me happy <3


so drunk so bi so many amazing looking girls at the pride party


je suis fatty gay


I went to the pride party and can confirm that gays worldwide will go mental for 212

argh I have a ticket for a pride party but the drinks are expensive and I’m skint and I don’t know if anybody I know is going. Kind of in two minds but I didn’t go to actual pride this year because it was charging to get in, and idk it feels like, where’s my pride lol